Hello, my name is Todd M. Weber, PhD, RD and I started Energy Balance Nutrition Consulting (EBNC) in February of 2014, shortly after completing my PhD.  I started EBNC as a creative outlet to voice my opinion, collect my thoughts, and attract and help clients with their diet goals, most of which were weight loss.  I’ve learned many things while running EBNC and will continue sharing and writing on this website. 

I’ve also learned about some of the limitations of EBNC.  One of these limitations was that there wasn’t a defined, step by step program to follow.  EBNC’s philosophy was pretty simple, create a negative energy balance to lose weight.  The scientific data shows that it doesn’t matter if you eat a low-fat diet or a low-carb diet, provided you create a negative energy balance, you’re going to lose weight.

Low-carb diets, high-protein diets, Ketogenic diets, and Paleo diets are all the same to me, they are GIMMICKS.  I will NEVER and I mean NEVER recommend one of these diets unless you have a specific condition that warrants it.  These diets are heavily marketed to you and promise sensationalized results.  These diets are also super easy to prescribe and tend to be easy to follow, but guess what, none of these diets consistently work over the long term.  I don’t see the point in trying something that you know is ultimately going to fail.

This is why, as part of EBNC, I tried to help my clients create a diet that is unique to their own life that is not only free of fads and gimmicks but one they can sustain over the long term.  It didn’t take me too long to figure out that people don’t really like this approach.  They want a meal plan, they want to be told what to do.  They don’t want to have to put in the extra time and effort to create their own meal plan (after all, that’s what they are paying me for right?)  I’ve pushed back against this type of thinking because it just doesn’t work in the long term.  I can take your money and give you meal plan after meal plan but you’re not going to do that forever.

EBNC was designed to help people create their own diet, one they could stick to in the long term.  This wasn’t very effective though because there wasn’t enough structure to help guide people.  There were too many decisions that needed to be made for people’s liking.  To be successful at losing weight and keeping it off requires a little more direction.  That’s one of the reasons why I have moved on from EBNC to create

the science of dieting

The Science of Dieting was born out of a frustration with the weight loss industry.  There is a total lack of truth and transparency, it is all hype and no data.  To remedy this lack of data I have taken the time to collect and characterize 1500 research papers on 40 diet types.  All of this research confirmed what I already knew:

  1. Every diet works provided there is a negative energy balance

  2. No diet is more effective than any other diet in helping you lose weight

  3. The amount of weight you lose on a diet is painfully inadequate

  4. The number one factor to weight loss success is dietary adherence (how well you can stick to a diet).

  5. Diets fail because it is difficult to stick to a diet in the long term

  6. There are no tips, tricks or hacks that will allow you to have dietary success; a comprehensive plan is more important than a collection of tips or tricks

  7. Having a sound plan and consistently executing that plan is the key to weight loss success

People will fight me on any and all of these points.  But I don’t care, I have the data to support my justifications.  The Science of Dieting has many flaws and is far from perfect.  It might end up being just like all the rest, less effective than we would like it to be.  But the current options aren’t all that great and I want to help you try something different, something that I’m very confident can work for you now and forever.  Check it out and see what you think.


Todd M. Weber PhD, RD