Energy Balance Nutrition Consulting is devoted to helping students and newly minted registered dietitians (RD) build the career capital to find the job that is right for them. Below is a list of dietetic interns we have worked with to date (they’re all awesome by the way)!


Julie Kent, EBNC INTERN Summer 2019

  • Bryant University – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and History, 2011

  • Keith and Associates Distance Dietetic Internship – completion August 2019

  • The University of Alabama - Master’s in Human Nutrition - completion expected December 2019


Hi, I’m Julie Kent and I am a dietetic intern with Keith and Associates distance dietetic internship and a graduate student via distance education at The University of Alabama.  I’m a career changer and come to my dietetic internship with seven years of health and life sciences business development, sales, marketing, and product launch experience.  After much thought and consideration, I decided to take on the journey of going back to school to become a registered dietitian (RD) with the eventual goal of becoming a corporate wellness RD.

Now, how and why did I decide to career change? I spent the first few years of my professional life working for companies in various management, marketing, and sales roles.  After much self-reflection I realized that if I’m going to be spending 1/3 of my life at work, I should strive to enjoy the work and the environment it is performed in most of the time!  This led me to research different types of industries and jobs in an effort to find a place that would truly bring out my talents on a daily basis.  I found science to continually pique my interest and I love interacting with people and business, so I went on to become a medical sales representative. As I gained experience in this role I realized that often times the topic of nutrition was missing from our conversations. We eat every day, so to me wanting to know about food and how food impacts our health seemed super important. I had a few friends who were RDs and after extensively chatting with them, shadowing several other RDs, and researching programs I decided to take the plunge, go back to school, and pursue dietetics. Through my work experience, observations, and education I hope to combine the three to help people maximize their health in the 1/3 of their life they spend at work and the 2/3 they spend outside of that too! 

alberto Rodriguez, EBNC Intern summer 2019

  • BS in Culinary Nutrition - Johnson & Wales University Denver

Alberto Running the 800m, with Family, and Finishing Top 3 in the SCAC Conference.

Alberto Running the 800m, with Family, and Finishing Top 3 in the SCAC Conference.

Hello, my name is Alberto Rodriguez and with the completion of my senior internship with Dr. Weber, I will receive my Bachelor of Science in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales University – Denver this August (2019).  My path to becoming involved with nutrition began in high school with my love for sports, particularly Track & Field and Cross Country.  I was never initially gifted with running. My progress in running has come from hard work and altering a variable I knew I could control, my diet. I did what some people would consider extreme by adopting a vegan diet but I believed it would alter my performance in a positive way. This wasn’t because of the lack of meat rather the introduction of QUALITY food into my diet and the removal of “junk” food.

With my new diet, recovery became shorter and my fitness progressed. I knew I wanted this profound feeling of health and optimal wellness to be shared with everyone I knew and this is why I have decided to become a Registered Dietitian.

My academic career began at Riverside City College in southern California where I grew up.  At Riverside I piled up my prerequisites before transferring to Johnson & Wales University (JWU) where I began my nutrition-specific classes. I chose the JWU program because of its unique integration of nutrition concepts and culinary skills. After all, how can you teach someone how to eat better when you don’t know anything about how to actually prepare the food?

During the 5 years I spent in college I was also actively involved in running. Closely following a healthy diet consisting of an array of whole foods and very little to no “junk food” I was able to compete at the national level for NAIA division III in both Track & Field and Cross Country. I know that nutrition holds its weight in the running community but I would also like to work with athletes in other sports as well.  My goal is to ultimately help high-caliber athletes as well as recreational athletes feel the best that they can so they can continue to do what they love doing. I will go on to apply to a dietetic internship this fall (2019) where I will pursue my journey in helping people and athletes feel their absolute best.

Kate Privitt, EBNC Intern Summer 2019

  • BS in Culinary Nutrition - Johnson & Wales University Denver


Hi! My name is Kate Privitt and I moved to Denver, Colorado, three years ago to pursue new experiences and new adventures.  My path to get here has been a little non-traditional and windy, but hey, that makes me who I am.  I am originally from Iowa but have family in San Diego and loved to visit there so I started my studies at San Diego State University majoring in psychology.  After one year at San Diego State I decided to transfer back home to the University of Iowa for journalism.  Both my mom and my grandma graduated from the University of Iowa so I was feeling a little pressure to carry on the family legacy. After a few years in Iowa, the travel bug bit me again and I moved to Denver to attend Johnson & Wales University to study culinary arts.  At this point I knew that psychology and journalism weren’t for me and when reflecting upon it, I have loved cooking ever since I was very young and I just kept coming back to the idea that this is what I was meant to do.  At Johnson & Wales, I took my first nutrition class and absolutely fell in love with culinary nutrition. Fast forward three years and I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales University – Denver in the spring of 2019.

Looking back on things, my journey to get to where I am now makes perfect sense.  If you walked into my parents’ house around dinner time during the early 2000’s, you would have found my family sitting around the dining table having family dinner. My mom cooked almost every night, filling us up on a variety of healthy dinners that were heavy on the veggies. Although my mom has always been an excellent cook, she focused on being healthy, which lead to my previous hate of Brussels sprouts (I have since shown her that roasting them is much better tasting than steaming/boiling them). In addition to healthy eating, my mom was also very focused on ensuring my siblings and I were outside during our free time or engaging in school activities. My brother and I were three season athletes during our time in high school. I spent nine months a year dancing with my high school dance team and spent every summer day outside from sun up to sundown. My mother’s encouragement to eat well and exercise in my formative years has helped to shape me into the confident, active adult that I am today.

Because of my childhood experiences and my previous education there are multiple options I’m interested in pursuing within the dietetic realm, all with a focus on increasing other people’s education about basic nutrition and health. I’m currently completing an 11-week internship over the summer with Dr. Todd M. Weber to earn real world experience in the field of dietetics before entering into a dietetic internship and master’s program in August of 2020.  

chelsea torres, EBNC & the science of dieting, winter 2019

  • BS in Dietetics - Brigham Young University

  • MS in Nutrition - Central Michigan University (Spring 2019)


Hi, my name is Chelsea Torres. I graduated from the Brigham Young University undergraduate dietetics program in 2016 and will finish my Master’s in Nutrition from Central Michigan University in the Spring of 2019.

As a former Officer in the US Army and spouse of a Marine Corp Officer, I gained an appreciation for how nutrition, exercise, and body weight impact physical performance. Having a healthy lifestyle allows people to do what is important to them. I am passionate about helping others to achieve that kind of satisfaction. As a registered dietitian, I want to show people that eating nutritiously and being active does not have to be a chore but is the key to living a full life.

I am interning with Todd Weber PhD, RD and The Science of Dieting in the Spring of 2019. I am excited to develop personalized recommendations to show clients that their diet doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated to be effective.

katie ney, EBNC Intern Summer 2018

  • BS in Journalism: Strategic Communications - University of Kansas

  • MS in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services - University of Northern Colorado

Ney family_picture.jpg

Katie Ney holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Strategic Communications from the University of Kansas and is also a graduate of the University of Northern Colorado’s (UNC) Master's in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Services program.  She recently completed her post-graduate internship at UNC and will become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist late in the Summer of 2018.  Katie has 7 years of experience working in brand media strategy for clients such as Microsoft and Bank of America.  She returned to school to pursue a new career in nutrition to align her experience in strategy with her passion for food and public health.  As a dietitian, Katie plans to work in clinical nutrition counseling serving the Denver metro. 

If you'd like to learn more about Katie, please connect with her on LinkedIn.


  • Associate’s in Culinary Arts – West Hawaii Community College, Palamanui

  • BS in Culinary Nutrition – Johnson & Wales University (May 2018)

  • MS in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology/Dietetic Internship - Washington State University (anticipated May of 2020)


I was first introduced to food and nutrition at the age of 6, when, as soon as I could see over the counter, my stepfather had me helping him in the kitchen.  By my teenage years I had quite a bit of experience in the kitchen but didn’t think much of it.  It wasn’t until one of my high school instructors encouraged me to enter my first culinary competition and much to my surprise, I won!  Winning that competition got me hooked on nutrition and spurred me to go on to complete my Associates in Culinary Arts.  During high school and thereafter, while completing my Associates in Culinary Arts, I also gained a great deal of experience in working at a fine dining catering company (6 years).  Wanting to expand my knowledge of food science and how human health is affected by nutrition, I moved from the Big Island of Hawaii to Denver, Colorado to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Nutrition at Johnson & Wales University in 2016.

Johnson & Wales has provided me with many opportunities to flourish in a number of leadership roles including becoming the president of the Campus Activities Board, president of the Science Club, and a board member for the Denver Dietetic Association. To get practice in the nutrition field, I cook for two families on specific hypoallergenic and diabetic diets. After graduation, I will be pursuing a MS degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at Washington State University while also completing my dietetic internship to become a Registered Dietitian in May of 2020.  In May of 2020 I will also be launching my nutrition consulting business, f(x) Nutrition. 

As an intern at Energy Balance Nutrition Consulting, I am excited to be able to connect with professionals in the nutrition field, work on projects with Dr. Todd Weber and gain new skills that will greatly aid in my professional development.

Monica Salafia, ebnc intern spring/summer 2016

  • Associate’s in Math and Science - SUNY Adirondack

  • BS in Nutrition Science - Russell Sage College

  • MS in Applied Nutrition - Sage Graduate Schools (May 2017)

Monica Salafia

Update 2018: 

Monica Salafia is a Registered Dietitian working full time as a health coach for a behavior change app called Noom. She focuses on goal setting and motivational interviewing to help her users reach their healthy weight goals and to also get their blood glucose levels out of the pre-diabetic range. 

She hasn't lost sight of her dream of owning a business and currently works on various projects for brands making recipes and appearing on television to talk about nutrition. She sees clients for individual nutrition coaching and if that's not enough, she also teaches group fitness classes part time for Denver Parks & Recreation.

You can learn more about Monica by following her on Instagram at monicasalafia.rd.

mackenzie spears, EBNC Intern Spring 2016

  • Associates in Culinary Arts - Johnson & Wales University

  • Bachelor's in Culinary Nutrition - Johnson & Wales University (May 2016)

  • CPR/First Aid/AED Certified - The American Heart Association


MacKenzie Spears

I am a Johnson & Wales - Denver Culinary Nutrition student with an associates degree in Culinary Arts.  In the fall of 2015 I moved to Denver and I am originally from a small town north of Boston, MA.  I aspire to become a Registered Dietitian in the future and am interested in everything health and wellness related.  My inspiration for nutrition comes from my determination to ‘be the change I wish to see in the world’ as Gandhi once said, working towards creating better lifestyles through health, wellness, and nutrition for longevity and happiness in all ages.

Prior to my degree at Johnson & Wales I completed a ten month service term of AmeriCorps NCCC - FEMA Corps specializing in disaster preparedness and recovery work in Iowa, New Jersey, and Colorado.  I have additional volunteer experience in after school programs, park and recreation settings, soup kitchens, and cooking demonstrations.  In my spare time I enjoy baking, hiking, running, weight lifting, yoga, and reading.

I will be interning with Dr. Todd Weber and Energy Balance Nutrition Consulting from March-May of 2016.  I am excited to enter the field of nutrition in the hopes of furthering my knowledge as well as educating others.