The fundamentals of health and wellness with special reference to football

Thank God.  It’s that time of year again.  Football season is upon us.  Each season brings the sense of renewed hope, optimism, and promise.  Last year your team might have stunk but with the start of a new year we all start off at 0-0.  Last year doesn’t matter (that’s even what the 2015 College Football Champion Ohio State Buckeye coaches are saying).  The start of football is kind of like New Year’s Day for the health & wellness industry, a new year and a new beginning!

During your team’s offseason coaches preach and teach the fundamentals of football, blocking and tackling.  Time and time again, when your team falters and loses, coaches go back to the fundamentals; because if you can’t tackle and you can’t block, there is no sense in trying to practice anything more complicated than the basics.

All too often, we in the health and wellness industry lose sight of the fundamentals, the things that can actually improve our health and win us some games, and instead focus on all of the more complicated matters of health & wellness.  If we don’t have a good grasp of our fundamentals, why are we trying to master the more complex aspects of health & wellness? 

If we don’t have a good mastery of the fundamentals, we are going to have some success but we will ultimately fail and fail again, which leads to frustration and disappointment.  If however, we master the fundamentals, we may lose a game or two, but at least we are bringing our “A” game to the fight.

My Three Health & Wellness Fundamentals are

  1. Movement outside of the gym
  2. Movement inside the gym
  3. Your Nutrition

and I have made a video demonstrating how these three fundamentals can be easily accomplished.


Good luck to everyone this season and Go Buffs, Rams, Broncos, Badgers, Packers, and Bills!